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Fixed section

product description:

The fixed joint is connected to the wheel hub by a spline, which mainly implements the power transmitted from the gearbox to the wheel end through the constant speed drive shaft assembly . The fixed joint mainly includes a bell-shaped shell, a cage, a star sleeve, and a steel ball. The spherical surface and the raceway of the fixed joint are curved surfaces, so the fixed joint cannot perform axial movement and can only provide the steering function for the car.

The outer spherical surface of the outer sleeve and the outer spherical surface of the cage, and the inner spherical surface of the cage and the outer spherical surface of the star sleeve are jointly controlled so that the constant velocity universal joint has no axial movement. The limit shaft angle of the product is approximately 45 ° and can reliably transmit torque at an angle of up to 42 degrees between the two shafts. During work, regardless of the transmission direction, all six steel balls participate in the transmission of torque, so it has strong transmission capacity and long service life. 


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