TJ Inner Joint
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TJ inner ball cage

Weichai right axis three-column groove shell

product description:

The moving joint is connected to the planetary gear of the transmission through a spline, and the power output from the transmission is mainly input to the constant speed drive shaft assembly . The moving joint includes a three-ball pin and a three-column grooved shell. The fairway of the three-column grooved shell is linear, so that the three-ball pin can slide axially in the moving joint, so that when the car passes bumps, turns or is vacated, the track length is extended or Shortened distance.

TJ type mobile joint was invented in 1983. It is mainly used for the mobile end of four-wheel drive vehicles. It is suitable for the position of mobile joints with small torsion angles. It has a compact structure. Composed of needles, the needles determine the bearing torque of the universal joint, and the ultimate contact stress appears at the contact point between the needle and the three-column shaft.

It has the advantages of large axial slip and small slip resistance, strong transmission capacity, fast heat dissipation, simple processing technology, simple installation, reliable work, etc., especially in the use of lightweight design and difficult layout There are more applications on small and medium displacement cars .

TJ inner ball cage

TJ inner ball cage

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