Long handle with bracket CVJ
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Section type: RF + flange

Advantages: Flange type mobile joints have no splines and retaining rings, and are replaced by screw holes. This design facilitates product assembly and disassembly.

product description:

The flange type constant velocity universal joint assembly is composed of BJ-type fixed joints and flange-type moving joints. With load, the transmission precision is high. Compared with ordinary joints, bolts are used for loading, which makes assembly and disassembly more convenient. Strong load bearing capacity, compact structure, bolt fixing is more stable than ordinary joint retaining ring fixing performance, can compensate for the installation error of the axial direction of the drive shaft , and the displacement change caused by the deformation of the shaft frame of the drive shaft during exercise can be achieved Effectively reduce turbulence.

The structure is simple and easy to disassemble, and it is connected with the differential output part by bolts.Section type: RF + three-stage TJ

Advantages: The moving section uses a long rod to increase the support of the intermediate bearing, which will reduce the risk of car shake and increase the users physical examination.

product description:

This drive shaft adopts a three-stage arrangement. Compared with the traditional two-stage arrangement, the three-stage drive shaft adds a bearing to the moving joint to play the role of slewing support. The outer ring of the bearing matches different ones according to the chassis arrangement. Bearing bracket, bearing bracket material can be roughly divided into nodular cast iron, cast aluminum. The bearing support structure shell is roughly divided into assembly type and integral type. Compared with the integral bearing bracket, the assembled bearing bracket has the characteristics of simple assembly and strong integrity. The assembled bearing bracket has the characteristics of high versatility, easy disassembly and assembly, and low assembly replacement cost;

The three-section drive shaft assembly mobile section can match the current mainstream AAR section, UTJ section and GI section. According to the actual arrangement angle of the chassis drive shaft of the vehicle, the mobile section type can be flexibly switched. The dust cover material supports TPE. Ester elastomer and polychloroprene (CR);

This structure is currently widely used in the chassis layout of passenger cars such as SUVs and cars, which can improve the NVH index of the entire vehicle and improve the ride comfort of the entire vehicle.

Long handle with bracket and other drive shaft assembly

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